What is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eyes are a result of a person not having enough quality tears to hydrate and nourish the eye. Tears are a vital part of the visual system - they allow the eyes to focus on objects comfortably and for prolonged periods of time. When the tears are not doing their job you may notice that your eyes feel scratchy, uncomfortable and that your vision fluctuates throughout the day

What Causes Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease is a chronic condition. A proper diagnosis is vital in addressing symptoms and developing a personalized treatment plan that will work for you

The tear film is composed of three layers: An aqueous (water) layer, a mucous layer and a lipid (oil) layer.

A surplus or deficiency of any of these layers will require specific treatment. A person who suffers from aqueous deficiency will have a different management plan then someone who has a deficiency in the lipid layer of their tears. If there are any inflammatory processes (blepharitis, rosacea, underlying arthritis) we will be able to tailor your management plan to help combat these common causes of dry eye. 

At Sault Optometry Clinic we have the most up to date technology and tools to address your specific dry eye concerns and provide a detailed and personalized treatment plan. 

As with any disease process the sooner the problem is diagnosed the easier it is to manage and to achieve long term success. Mild dry eye can usually be managed with minimal intervention. 

We are positive that we can get to the root of your dry eye disease to provide long term management and most importantly, relief of your symptoms.

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