Do I Have Dry Eye Disease?

Up to 29% of all Canadians suffer from Dry Eye Disease.


This is something we as optometrists talk about with patients EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. While some patients may be able to make simple life-style adjustments to help with their symptoms, many will need a more customized plan to help them combat their dry eye disease and begin to enjoy simple tasks without needing to constantly use artificial tears or limit activities

Do you experience any of the following on a daily basis?

⁕ Eyes that feel dry or gritty?

⁕ Eyes that sting or burn?

⁕ Vision that fluctuates throughout the day? 

⁕ Red or Irritated eyes?

⁕ Sensitivity to lights, sun or wind?

⁕ Eyes that water excessively?

⁕ Unable to wear your contact lenses for a prolonged period of time?

Do your symptoms prevent you from doing things such as:

⁜ Reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle for a prolonged period of time?

⁜ Using your computer or mobile device?

⁜ Watching television?

⁜ Enjoying the outdoors?

⁜ Driving for a prolonged period of time ?

These are just a few of the symptoms and effects of Dry Eye Disease. Explore our site to learn more about potential causes & treatments.


If you experience any of these symptoms on a regular basis make sure to bring them up to your eye care professional at your next visit. 

Looking to book an appointment for a dry eye assessment? Email us at or call us at 705-759-1985 (We are located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada). 

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