Diagnosing Dry Eye Disease

at Sault Optometry Clinic


What Story Will Your Eyes Tell?

There is no one test to diagnose dry eye disease. There are multiple structures your eye care professional has to observe and measure to accurately diagnose if you have dry eye disease. A thorough history is also needed to provide effective management options. 

At Sault Optometry Clinic we are proud to offer a comprehensive dry eye examination using the Oculus Keratograph 5M with the Crystal Tear Report.

With our dry eye examination we examine, measure and take images of all the parts of your eye responsible for happy, healthy tears. Our doctors perform the entire exam giving you the attention and care your eyes deserve. 

After reviewing your results, your optometrist will sit down and go through your personalized management plan. You will have access to all your exam findings and be able to ask questions and talk about what type of management plan will be best for your dry eye and for your lifestyle.


Our advantage at Sault Optometry Clinic is that along with a diagnosis you will have access to top of the line treatment options that go beyond just using artificial tears several times a day. Our goal is to DECREASE your use of artificial tears and provide management plans that help your eyes make their own tears with the right amount of water and oil.  

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