Your Environment & Dry Eye Disease


We are spending more time inside where air from heating/cooling vents are blowing on us all day, lack of moisture in the air, glare from fluorescent lighting and of course the computer screen can all lead to dry eye. 


Sometimes making little changes to our environment can lead to big changes for our dry eye symptoms. A humidifier will help with moisture in the air and re-positioning yourself and/or your work space away from blowing vents can make a huge difference in how your eyes feel during the day. 

With all the assault our eyes can take spending so much time inside, sometimes outdoors is not any better. Mother Nature can unleash smoke, dust, wind and of course here in Canada - temperature extremes.


Having a good tear defense mechanism helps protect our eyes against these environmental triggers. 


If your tears can't flush out environmental allergens because there's simply not enough tears (aqueous deficient dry eye) or the quality of the tear film isn't correct (lipid layer deficiency) then allergens can get in the eye and fester - causing actual allergic responses or the sensation that something is in your eye. 


We work with you to prevent allergy season from getting the best of your eyes providing long term solutions to dry eye disease caused by allergies. Whether its prescribing drops, recommending environmental changes or adding a heated mask to your night time routine we will find the best long term solution to manage your dry eye symptoms.

The Great Indoors?
The Great Outdoors

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